Dooley Intermed is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

“We thank you for your efforts in the field of providing eye care to the remote peoples and villages in northern Nepal”.

B. & K.
Islesboro, ME

“This small donation comes with great admiration for all you do…”

 J.E.F,  New York, NY

“Thank you for your letter to me with the DVD celebrating the life and work of Dr. Tom Dooley and Dooley Intermed. Intermed has contributed greatly to relieve suffering and sickness and help to provide education and medical training as you state. This cannot be too important in all parts of the world and I know that Dr. Chaney has been leading a most remarkable effort in this regard”

  New York, NY

“I am very grateful for having sent me the Dr. Tom Dooley DVD it made me realize how much I did not know and / or forgotten. His life, his words, his legacy are still very fascinating.”

Montreal, Canada

"I have been a long time contributor to your organization. I made my first contribution while Tom Dooley was still alive. I had read about him and saw him interviewed. His passion for his cause was so intense that it came through the television screen and warmed my spirit.”

P.R. Dallas, TX

“I am glad I found your organization on the internet. We old timers still remember Dr. Dooley. I read all of his books and admire him still.

B.A., Magalia, CA

“Thank you for the DVD celebrating the life and work of Dr. Tom Dooley. It has been an incredible journey…a great medical mission that Dr. Chaney has built and nurtured.”

Alberta, Canada